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Rock Your World
Who Benefits?


A priest who traveled to Pittsburgh from Africa to study at one of our local universities, suffered a severe stroke shortly after he arrived and, because he had nowhere else to turn for care, became a resident at Vincentian. Despite the disabling effects of the stroke, he is continuing to pursue his PhD online, as well as – like many of our other residents – connect online to family and friends who live far away and cannot visit. Healing is more than a physical process for many.

Mrs. Brown is a typical Pittsburgher who worked hard, raised a family, speaks multiple languages, and never let anything get in her way. Nothing, that is, until, she began to lose her vision. As an avid reader, Vincentian is using technology to help Mrs. B continue to do what she loves best. It is such a joy to give her this gift and bring new books to her.

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